“What-is” contradicts what’s in your Vortex

by Bec on April 22, 2011

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Swirling Vortex of Attraction

As I was browsing through my notebook this morning, this little statement seemed to jump off the page.  It really resonated with me, so it seemed a good place to start this post.  As I thought about it a little deeper, I could really feel the truth of it.  Let me explain…

First, a brief explanation of the Vortex for those who are not students of the Teachings of Abraham:  The Vortex, or more specifically, your Vortex, is a state of being where your Inner Being has become (and is holding) the most expanded version of you, your Highest Good; it contains every detail of every desire you have ever held – and it continually calls you forth.  When we are aligned with our Inner Being we are in the Vortex, and feeling very good, indeed.

So the Law of Attraction, simply stated, says that like attracts like.  If we are focused upon something unwanted, or the lack of what is wanted, or “what-is”, we will attract more of the same.  And the Vortex holds everything that we want or desire, so yes, focusing on “what-is” will contradict what is in your Vortex.  We need to be focused upon what is wanted, or “what-is-becoming” in order for that to manifest.

This can be achieved quite easily…all we need to do is focus upon a subject that feels good when we think about it.  It can be anything at all (see Tips and Techniques for some ideas).  It’s also okay to distract ourselves with a completely different subject – just so long as the subject at hand brings good feelings when we focus upon it.  Those good feelings let us know that we are aligned with our Inner Being, and moving toward what is wanted.

But do you know what I realized this morning when I read the statement that became the title of this post?  I realized that even when wonderful things are flowing through my experience, and “what-is” is just plain fabulous, I don’t stop expanding…my Vortex holds even more wonderful growth and expansion…and my life will continue to get better, and better, and better!  And by simply appreciating all the good things in my life, I will be keeping up to speed with my Inner Being and the expanded version of me it holds in my Vortex.  Talk about a win-win situation!

Don’t you just love being tapped-in to the good stuff?  Yes, indeedy, I most certainly do!





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