The Universe is Always Working Things Out for Me

by Bec on October 1, 2012

in Happiness,Law of Attraction,Manifesting

The Universe is Working Things Out

Right now…

The Universe is working things out for me…bringing me more of what I want…always bringing me more.

I see evidence of this every day…all around me.  I move through my day and notice… Oh! This is something!  Here’s something else!  Here’s more evidence!  Always unfolding… things just showing up… always more of what I want.

I glance this way and notice a stunning sunrise…I round a corner and meet a dear friend…I feel inspired to turn on the TV and the funniest program is playing…I glance across a room and someone smiles at me…I have a conversation with someone and receive the perfect piece of information in answer to one of my questions…one more delightful experience after another!

I am continually surprised and delighted by the perfection of the Universe’s timing; I adore how precisely and perfectly I rendezvous with people; with things; with opportunities.  And I love noticing and appreciating all of it!



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